Basic4GL Mobile

v1.1 released


New improved behaviour in Android runtime

New BASIC language features

New BASIC routines/functions


IMPORTANT: Due to the new commands the format for the virtual machine state (program.vm) has been changed.
If you generate a program.vm file with the new Windows application and attempt to run it on an older Android runtime IT WILL NOT WORK. Likewise if you try to run a program.vm file generated with an older Windows application on a newer Android runtime IT WILL NOT WORK.

Please make sure you update BOTH the Windows Application and Android runtime to the same version and rebuild your program.vm files

v1.0 released


Very happy to say that Basic4GL Mobile v1.0 is here!

The main new piece is the Pro version, which can turn your BASIC game/program into a stand-alone Android App, which doesn't require the Basic4GL App in order to run, and can be sumitted to the Google Play store.

Basic4GL Mobile Pro can be purchased for $15 USD. See the Buy page for more details.

Twin stick shooter tutorial


A new tutorial on how to create a twin stick shooter for PC and mobile. Now up on the tutorials page.

v0.4 released


This version also has improvements to the immediate mode UI. Text boxes will automatically focus and bring up the on screen keyboard (rather than waiting for you to touch them), as well as automatically advancing to the next text box when you press enter.

v0.3 released


v0.2 released


Also added an immediate mode UI. This makes it easy to add buttons, sliders, text boxes and on-screen joysticks to games/programs with very little code. This is particularly useful for mobile devices which don't (usually) have a keyboard or mouse.

See the included demo programs for examples.