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What is Basic4GL?

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Basic4GL is a compiler and virtual machine that allows you to write and run programs written in the Basic4GL programming language, a language based on the traditional BASIC syntax, but updated for modern computers.

Basic4GL has builtin support for OpenGL 1.1. Version 1.1 is a bit less relevant now than in 2003 when Basic4GL was first released - in fact it's one of the versions they now refer to as "legacy" OpenGL - but you may find it useful for learning the fundamentals of 3D graphics programming without the setup hassle of creating your own pixel and vertex shaders etc.

Or you can ignore OpenGL entirely, and use Basic4GL's text, sprite, tile-map and sound libraries to create 2D graphics without writing any OpenGL commands at all.

Basic4GL is designed to be a safe, easy to learn programming environment, suitable for creating games and graphical programs, rapid prototyping, or just learning basic programming.

OpenGL programs

Basic4GL is built around the OpenGL 3D accellerated graphics library. It automatically handles such tasks as creating an OpenGL window and initialising OpenGL for you, so you can skip all the usual linking, header file and initialisation and start writing OpenGL code from line 1. For example, here's an OpenGL program to draw a triangle.

glBegin(GL_TRIANGLES) glVertex3f(0, 10, -30) glVertex3f(8, -4, -30) glVertex3f(-8, -4, -30) glEnd() SwapBuffers()

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3D programming

Vectors and matrices are integrated directly into the Basic4GL language as 1D and 2D arrays respectively. Mathematical operators such as multiplication (*) and addition (+) behave appropriately on vector and matrix types, so you can write vector and matrix notation algebra directly into your programs.

You also get a standard library of trig functions and matrix creation routines (designed to mirror OpenGL's matrix creation routines), which makes trigonometry calculations quick, easy and compact to implement.

Games,demos and prototypes

If OpenGL isn't your scene Basic4GL has a sprite and tile-map engine for writing 2D scrolling shooters, platformers or whatever takes your fancy.

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A few clicks will then convert your program into a stand-alone Windows executable which you can distribute to whoever you want.

Integrated programming and debugging environment

All editing takes place within the Basic4GL integrated development environment with a syntax highlighting editor and built-in symbolic debugger.

The Basic4GL programming language is designed to be simple, flexible and very hard to crash! Run-time errors (such as array index out of bounds) are caught cleanly, and all resources (such as textures or file handles) are automatically cleaned up for you when the program finishes.

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Plugin extensible

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Basic4GL supports plugins, which allow the language to be extended with new commands and functions. There are a number of existing plugins created by members of the Basic4GL community providing access to many quality third party libraries, such as phyiscs and music/video playback.

C++ programmers can create their own plugins using the Basic4GL plugin SDK.