Basic4GL on Android – Standard BASIC functions



Another step closer to getting a Basic4GL program to run on Android.basic4mobile2

I’ve converted the standard BASIC function library to use the plugin library registration method, and split it into general¬†and a small amount of Windows specific code that needed to be rewritten for Android.

The failed test in the middle raises an interesting question though – does Basic4GL use C or C++ strings? It seems like it’s not too sure actually. Internally it uses C++ strings, but the library function mechanism accepts and returns C strings.

The difference is that C strings are zero terminated, while C++ strings can happily contain ASCII zero characters. chr$(0) results in a valid 1 character C++ string, but the library functions will assume the 0 character is the terminator and treat it as an empty string.

I may clean this up properly someday, but for now it’s enough to go on with.

Next on the list: Converting the OpenGL text view.

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