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Why are we still storing source code in text files?

Whenever I have what seems like an original idea I half expect someone to tell me it was done 10 years ago and point me to the github repo. I’m going to go out on a limb and write it up … Continue reading

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Basic4GL Mobile road map

Just a quick jot down of my plans for Basic4GL Mobile. By the way an early version has been released. It’s fully functional (if lacking a bunch of features), so if you fancy writing some BASIC and running it on … Continue reading

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Basic4GL v2.6.0 released

You heard right! There’s been a new Basic4GL release for the first time in nearly 6 years. Grab it from the Basic4GL website. What’s new This release is mainly about refreshing the IDE, and updating third party libraries to modern, open source versions, so … Continue reading

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Basic4GL Qt IDE

I’ve started rewriting the Basic4GL IDE using Qt. Mainly because I want an open source UI library, but there’s also the added benefit of it looking slightly more modern. Here’s what I have so far: For reference the current released Basic4GL … Continue reading

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Basic4GL on Android – Text and Sprites

Things are starting to take shape with the Android version of Basic4GL mobile. (You can download an apk of the above demo here) Implemented so far are: Standard BASIC functions (string, maths functions etc) Vector and matrix algebra Text input/output … Continue reading

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Colour compression results

Here’s the result of the modified DXT1 colour compression experiment: The left side is standard DXT1 texture compression. The right side is the modified version, which involves shortening the reference colours to 15-bits and using the 2 spare bits as an “exponent”. The … Continue reading

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