Basic4GL Mobile

Write games for Android and the Web




Why Basic4GL Mobile?


No monthly charges or upgrade fees. Just a one off cost of $15 USD.

And you can try it for free - including running your programs on Android.

Cross platform

Get the free
Android App

Write your program once on Windows, then deploy the same code to Android and the Web. The Basic4GL Mobile Virtual Machine ensures the same code runs the same across all platforms. You don't have to learn different languages, libraries and tools.

Test your game on phone/tablet quickly and easily using the free Android App.

Easy to learn

Write games in a simple, beginner-friendly syntax based on traditional BASIC. Simple libraries for 2D sprites and immediate-mode GUI controls (including on screen touch controls for mobile devices) makes writing 2D games easy.

Check out the tutorials to see how to get started.

How it works

Develop on your PC

You write games on your PC using the Basic4GL Mobile IDE, and run an test them there.

Basic4GL uses a simple language syntax based on traditional BASIC, but with more modern features added like data types, functions and pointers.

The built in 2D sprite, tilemap and text routines make writing 2D games simple, and there are plenty of examples in the help files, demo programs and tutorials to get you started.

Basic4GL Mobile also integrates with OpenGL ES 2.0, for more advanced 3D graphics and shader effects (more demos and examples to come).

Test on mobile

Test your game on Android mobile phone/tablet quickly and easily.

Just install the free Basic4GL App from the Google Play store. The Basic4GL IDE generates a "program.vm" file containing your compiled program. Use a USB cable to drag it and any asset files your program uses into the "basic4gl" folder on your which the App automatically creates for you. Then run the Basic4GL App, and your program is up and running.

There's no need to install large SDKs or switch your phone/tablet to developer mode. Basic4GL is great for quickly prototyping mobile gameplay ideas.

Release on Android and Web

Basic4GL Mobile can build applications for Android and WebAssembly.

(Standalone PC Apps will be supported soon, and iOS is planned for a later date.)

Basic4GL Mobile handles creating the standalone application for you, invoking the right tools and can even install it on your phone or start it up in a web browser.

Note: For the Android platform you must install the (free) Google Android SDK. For web applications you must install the LLVM and Emscripten (also free).